Five Ways to Creating a Culture of Wellness and Good Health in the Workplace

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With COVID plaguing the world, the need to look after our health and wellness becomes of paramount importance. Where else to start advocating this than from where most people spend their time – in the workplace?

Here are five ways to creating a culture of wellness and good health in the workplace:

1. Show you care about the well-being of your employees – leaders should lead by example through showing a work-life balance and taking care of themselves.

2. Establish business practices embedded with well-being – providing healthy and tasty food and snacks, emphasizing water over coffee, and adding stretch and movement breaks in the schedule are some examples of wellness practices you can incorporate in the daily operations of your business.

3. Effective communication – Communication is two-way. Communicate broadly to make sure the information reaches the entire workforce. Also, take time to listen to your employees once they have anything to say.

4. Resolve the issue of stress – it is essential to identify and tackle stressors (i.e. workload, inconsistency, lack of clear expectations, etc.) to implement solutions and changes to eliminate them.

5. Be consistent in creating a healthy and clean environment – ensure that your workplace is set for your employees to maintain optimal health.

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